About Us


Linaco Group, representing the largest and most integrated coconut manufacturer in Malaysia was established in 1992 by Founder & Group Chairman Richard Ling.

No.17, Lorong Keluli 1C, Taman Perindustrian Bukit Raja Selatan,
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
  CONTACT US :   +6(03)-3344-3933

The baton of the business operations has been passed down to both his two sons - Jimmy Ling and Joe Ling - as Group Managing Director and Group Executive Director respectively since 2014.

Built upon a solid foundation, Linaco’s legacy has continued to grow and expand, spanning two generations of excellence. With its headquarters located in Shah Alam, Linaco has factories based in Batu Pahat, Bandar Enstek, Kalimantan and Shah Alam. The company has mushroomed its exports to well over 40 countries now.

Linaco’s extensive range of products can be found at major retailers outlets both locally and globally.

In line with Linaco’s vision and mission to give back to society, the company dedicates 10% of its company profits annually to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative especially aimed at assisting underserved children and families since 2014.

Having established “The Bountiful Eye Foundation” (TBEF) in October 2019, TBEF aims to empower existing non-profit organisations - focusing on food aid, education and healthcare for Malaysian children below 12 years of age.

TBEF launched its “Box” project in 2020 with Way Box (Food Aid - Essential Food Supplies), Truth Box (Education – Stationeries, School Uniforms etc) and Life Box (Health Care – Hygiene Products such as body wash from head to toe, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitisers and so on.)

HE WHO BUILDS WILL HIMSELF BE BUILT, defines the core of our vision and mission.


LINACO’s logo is a pine tree that stands tall, strong and regal. We chose the pine tree because we share much in common with this majestic tree. The pine tree enjoys a reputation for sturdiness, durability and longevity – attributes which have worked hard to demonstrate over the years.

Our logo also tells the story of our company and our family. Embedded within the Chinese character 林 is the family name of our founder, Richard Ling. Positioned at the spine of our logo, the character 林 symbolizes the vital role that our founding father and shareholders perform as the backbone of our company. The shape of the Chinese character bears a strong resemblance to the actual shape of the pine tree.

The character 林 means forest in Mandarin and serves as an apt reference to the eco-friendly nature of our processes.

The pine tree has a remarkable life span and can live for more than 4,000 years. We are young by comparison, but as we embark on the next stage of our journey, we very much hope that we can emulate the pine tree and continue the legacy of the LINACO family.



From our humble beginnings in 1992, the LINACO Group of Companies has progressively grown into a respected supplier of coconut related products, Chinese herbal recipes (Easy-To-Cook) and pre-mixed spices, caramelized sugar, flavours and sauces.

We have established ourselves to be one of the most dynamic producers of coconut related products in the world. We have also expanded to other agricultural food-related products such as sauces and herbs & spices and have exported to more than 40 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong, China and Australia. 

Staying focused to our core value of dealing in only high quality products, we are recognised as a reputable supplier renowned for Consistency in Quality, Reliability in supply, and Prompt After-Sales Service and Support.

Our strength lies in People, which we consider as our single most important core asset. We provide a positive and healthy working environment where our staff are continuously trained and nurtured to achieve the company’s aspirations, as well as their own.    

Linaco ESG:

1. Zero Wastage from single crop, coconut
  • Harvesting of coconut water
  • Coconut shell as alternative source of fuel in the boiler to generate steam
  • Coconut shell as coconut carbon for activated carbon
  • Testa for crude oil processing and to produce copra expeller cake
  • Kernel into coconut milk and powder
  • Residue into low fat desiccated coconut
2. Waste Water Treatment Management
3. Recyclable Packaging – Tetrapak
4. Solar Panels

1. Food Aid 43%
  • Channeled to providing essential food supplies to the underserved families
2. Education 36%
  • Channeled to providing tuition, school uniforms, stationaries, bags etc for children below 12 years old
  • Interest-free study loan
3. Health Care 21%
  • Child’s vaccination
  • Sanitizer
  • Personal Care Hygiene such as toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, shampoo and detergent