Compulsory Antigen Rapid Test at Singapore’s Land Checkpoints from 22 January 2021

1. To manage the growing risk of imported COVID-19 cases, Singapore has strengthened its border control measures to require all travellers to undertake COVID-19 testing on arrival in Singapore. In line with this safeguard, with effect from 22 January 2021, 0900 hours, Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at the Singapore Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints will be progressively rolled out for cargo drivers and accompanying personnel entering Singapore. Tested drivers and personnel with a negative result may proceed to enter Singapore.

2. As cargo drivers and accompanying personnel could have interactions with the local community in Singapore, introducing an on-arrival ART will allow us to identify potential COVID-19 cases and mitigate the risk further. This will add to the safeguards ensuring public health both in Singapore, and for the community of cargo drivers and accompanying personnel.

3. We recognise the importance of ensuring the smooth passage of goods between Singapore and Malaysia and value the important role of the cargo drivers and accompanying personnel. We will ensure smooth operations at the checkpoints to minimise disruptions to deliveries and supply chains. Businesses expecting deliveries are encouraged to maintain close communication with their logistic providers and cater for possible delays. Businesses, cargo drivers and accompanying personnel must also continue to abide by Safe Management Measures, including contactless delivery, wearing of masks, and safe distancing.

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Article Reference : MTI – Ministry Of Trade And Industry Singapore