Distribution of Kotak Kebahagiaan 5.0 – MBG CSR Initiative for Ramadhan

In conjunction with Ramadhan, Kotak Kebahagiaan is the Malaysia Business Group’s (MBG) annual CSR initiative to enrich the lives of the B40 group with Malaysian-made products. The intention is to consolidate Malaysian-made F&B products in a box and donate them to underserved families.

Kotak Kebahagiaan 5.0 marks the fifth year of Malaysia Business Group’s ongoing CSR initiative, as we actively reach out to as many homes as possible with a distribution target of 3,000 boxes. To achieve this target, the Malaysia Business Group has collaborated with the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) and The Bountiful Eye Foundation (TBEF).

On 25 January 2024, MRCA and TBEF distributed fifty boxes to the Great Heart Charity Association. The Great Heart Charity Association is a non-profit charity association that is committed to providing aid to underprivileged families, dialysis patients and more. Two hundred boxes were also distributed to families in Kampung Baru Ampang on 7 February 2024.

The full list of recipients for Kotak Kebahagiaan 5.0 are listed below.

  1. Bethesda House Care Centre (10 boxes)
  2. CARE Mart (50 boxes)
  3. Dignity for Children Foundation (10 boxes)
  4. Food Aid Foundation (100 boxes)
  5. Great Heart Community Center (100 boxes)
  6. House of Hope, Penang (200 boxes)
  7. JB Community (50 boxes)
  8. Ladang Care, Perak Orang Asli community (20 boxes)
  9. Masjid Jamek Parit Bakong dan Kampung-kampung Senggarang (100 boxes)
  10. Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) (200 boxes)
  11. Malaysian CARE (50 boxes)
  12. Persatuan Bahasa Cina University Malaya (50 boxes)
  13. Persatuan Pendidikan Anak-Anak Yatim Kuala Lipis (100 boxes)
  14. Pertubuhan Pembangunan HOPE Selangor (100 boxes)
  15. Pertubuhan Pusat Kebajikan Destiny (100 boxes)
  16. PJ Eco Recycling Plaza (for MBPJ workers and cleaners) (200 boxes)
  17. Rumah Mega Kanak-Kanak Orang Asli (30 boxes)
  18. Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia (200 boxes)
  19. The Lost Food Project (200 boxes)
  20. Women of Will (WOW) (150 boxes)
  21. Kembara Soup Kitchen (Kelantan and Pahang flood relief) (200 boxes)
  22. Batu Arang Community (20 boxes)
  23. What A Waste (B40 families) (44 boxes)
  24. MyKasih Ulu Tiram Community (16 boxes)
  25. Persatuan Kebajikan dan Social Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur (B40 families) (200 boxes)
  26. MyKasih Foundation (B40 community) (100 boxes)
  27. Masjid Ara Damansara (B40 families at PPR Lembah Subang) (300 boxes)
  28. Malaysia Red Crescent 4 x 4 (100 boxes)