Exploring Taiwan Market

Taiwan is a potential market for Malaysian food and beverage businesses to explore as there is an increased demand for food and beverage products. Food products that Taiwan consumers have purchased the most are ready to eat meals, instant and dried noodles, frozen food, rice, egg, flour, cooking paste, seasoning, cereals and beverages.

In recent years, Malaysian F&B brands have been a growing presence in the Taiwan market. Several Malaysian F&B brands can be seen in Taiwan retail outlets and e-commerce platforms, such as Big Foot, Julie’s, Mister Potato and others. There is also an increased demand for halal-based products due to a rise in the Taiwan Muslim population.

Currently, Taiwan has a de minimis of TWD 2,000, which means that no taxes and duties are imposed on shipments valued below or up to TWD 2,000. However, B2C imports above the de minimis are charged with Goods and Services Tax (GST) or import tariffs at the discretion of the Taiwan Customs Administration.

MATRADE’s research on Taiwan consumer behaviour has found that Taiwan consumers are very brand loyal, and good after-sales service is one of the main deciding factors for earning their loyalty. As Taiwan consumers are preferential to high quality products, good product packaging is important to attract consumer’s attention and create a first good impression. Taiwan consumers are also very attentive to product pricing, especially value-based pricing.

According to MATRADE, the key factor that determines successful export to Taiwan is to conduct thorough market research, and to promote and market products, especially on Taiwan’s online platforms. The top e-commerce websites in Taiwan are Shopee, Momoshop, Ruten, Books and Biggo. Businesses should also be prepared to enter the competitive Taiwan market, and ensure they are timely and efficient when receiving product orders. Aside from that, businesses should ensure they have complied with all of Taiwan’s export regulations.

MATRADE has also highlighted several issues and challenges in exporting to Taiwan. Businesses should ensure they have sufficient financial resources for exporting, and must also be aware of the high costs involved in export promotion and marketing. Besides that, it is costly and time consuming to apply for global certification and recognition. Businesses should also be prepared to dedicate some financial resources to staff training, as exporting to Taiwan requires highly technical experts and a reliable infrastructure.

Malaysian businesses who are interested in exporting to Taiwan can explore MySourcing, a B2B online platform that aims to bridge the trade between Malaysia and Taiwan. With MySourcing, Malaysian exporters will be able to establish contact with Taiwan buyers more easily.

Businesses may reach out to MATRADE through the contact details below. MATRADE can offer export promotion services, exporters development programmes, trade advisory services, and trade and market information. For more information about Taiwan’s regulations for food import, please visit Taiwan Food and Drug Administration.

MATRADE has also partnered with MDEC and EasyStore to organize the Malaysia Select campaign. The campaign is focused on helping exporters sell directly to Taiwan customers. Malaysia Select also offers e-commerce training, new market access and various government subsidies.

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