Export Opportunities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are emerging markets among ASEAN countries, and potential export destinations for Malaysian businesses seeking to expand their business into the region. In 2022, Malaysia has recorded positive trade growth with the three countries, especially with Vietnam. Malaysia’s total trade was valued at USD 19.44 billion with Vietnam, USD0.68 billion with Cambodia and USD 0.26 billion with Laos.

The F&B sector in Vietnam in 2022 was valued at USD26 billion and is expected to rise by 18 percent in 2023. The growth has been attributed to increased tourism, rising income, rapid expansion of foreign F&B chains and digital transformation. The growing middle class and awareness of healthier eating has led to an increase in demand for organic, plant-based foods and healthy foods in Vietnam.

In Cambodia, there is a rising demand for processed food, soft drinks, personal and beauty products, over-the-counter drugs and household items. As a result of the growing urban population, Cambodians are seeking new and diverse product offerings such as dairy products, convenience foods, baby food and prepared meals for children, fruit juices and other beverages. It is recommended that Malaysian businesses seeking to export to Cambodia conduct research on the rules, regulations and requirements as there are specific standards and testing requirements.

There are franchise opportunities in Laos for the F&B sector, with many international burger, chicken and pizza brands present. The most popular brands present in Laos include Avis, Café Amazon, Mini Big C, Pizza Company, Texas Chicken, etc. Laos is currently in the process of updating their franchise laws and regulations to encourage franchise business growth.

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