Export Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia presents a varied and expanding market, offers with potential for businesses and investors. The aim is to furnish Malaysian exporters and investors with valuable perspectives and pathways into crucial sectors such as Infrastructure Development and project opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Uncontested World Cup bid a giant win in Saudi’s rise from ‘pariah’ to ‘trusted’ sporting nation, overcoming the Middle East crisis and challenges as well as gaining access to Syrian regional markets.

Under a population of over 32 million, the Kingdom has long been reliant on oil earnings; nevertheless, in recognition of the need for economic diversification, the government has launched on an ambitious path with Vision 2030. This strategy intends to minimize the country’s reliance on oil while also developing areas including tourism, entertainment, manufacturing, renewable energy, and technology. These diversification efforts open a wide range of opportunities for both domestic and international enterprises to enter and prosper in these developing industries. The Saudi Arabian government has been proactively fostering the expansion of the non-oil sector to mitigate reliance on oil revenues. This sector has experienced rapid growth and now plays a substantial role in the nation’s GDP. Key non-oil sectors include manufacturing, construction, finance, real estate, retail, tourism, and telecommunications.

Numerous giga-projects are currently underway with an estimated total value exceeding USD 879 billion. These six major giga-projects, which are dispersed throughout the Kingdom will serve as a showcase the nation’s geographic wealth, cultural heritage and hospitality, economic ambitions, and aspirations for environmental conservation.

In summary, MATRADE primary objectives encompass offering Malaysian exporters and investors comprehensive guidance and pathways into critical sectors, notably Infrastructure Development and project opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s uncontested World Cup bid symbolizes a rise from ‘pariah’ to ‘trusted’ sporting nation. Additionally, the aim is to address and navigate through the various crises and challenges prevalent in the Middle East while also exploring avenues to access regional markets in Syria.

Saudi Arabia Exhibitions  

  1. Saudi Food Manufacturing, 30 April – 2 May 2024 at Riyadh Front
  2. The Saudi Food Show, 21-23 May 2024 at Riyadh Front
  3. Saudi Food Expo, 12-15 August 2024 at Riyadh Front
  4. Foodex Saudi, 16-19 September 2024 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre
  5. Saudi International Halal Expo, 28-30 October 2024 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Saudi Food Show 2024

  1. Daily Fresh Foods Sdn Bhd (Hall 4, F4-41)
  2. Linaco Ingredients Sdn Bhd (Hall 4, E4-46)

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