Exporting to China via Cross Border E-commerce

There is a growing demand for Malaysian products in China, especially processed foods and halal F&B products. In 2021, processed food was Malaysia’s 10th largest sector exported to China. Top product categories included edible products and preparations, prepared and preserved vegetables and fruits, and cocoa and cocoa preparation. As China will be reopening its borders by next year, household consumption of F&B products is expected to grow, presenting opportunities for Malaysian exporters in the China market.

With the growing Muslim population in China, China has been the main destination for Malaysian halal F&B products. China consumers have also developed a high level of awareness and acceptance for Malaysian and halal products. Potential halal F&B products for China export includes prepared foods, ready-to-eat meals, ready-to-cook pastes, processed seafood, ice creams, confectionaries, snacks and food ingredients.

MATRADE has recommended that Malaysian exporters use WeChat as a medium for doing business and for sharing information with customers. Malaysian exporters should also use Chinese and dual language promotion materials, which includes company profile, product catalogues and packaging. Chinese buyers are also particular about the products’ shelf life, product retail price, MOQ and OEM service.

China has the largest e-commerce market in the world, and is an important trade platform for businesses to leverage. Compared to traditional trade which requires a lot of initial investment, cross-border e-commerce has lower regulatory barriers, which makes it a faster, lower-risk and easier way for Malaysian exporters to enter the China market.

China’s e-commerce platform, JD.com, offers numerous opportunities for Malaysia exporters. JD.com has a halal pavilion, and they provide end-to-end support. This includes onboarding, demand generation, marketing, payment and fulfilment services for halal Malaysian products entering China. They also will promote F&B products through the China Food & Drinks Fair, a significant annual trade fair for the F&B industry.

Malaysian businesses who are interested in exporting to China can contact HYT Cross Border Sdn Bhd, who will assist Malaysian exporters in accessing the China market. They offer cross-border consultation, omni channel e-commerce, logistic services, e-commerce marketing and e-commerce platform management.

Businesses can also reach out to MATRADE for enquiries and assistance.

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