Key Steps to a Successful Export Business

There are several factors small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need to consider and understand to penetrate the international market. Malaysian SMEs interested in building their export business are advised to register with MATRADE. MATRADE offers export advisory and training, customized programmes, export opportunities, access to the export market, financial assistance and more.

Prior to exporting, exporters should first assess their export readiness with MATRADE’s Export Readiness Assessment Tool (ERAT). ERAT is a quick, online system designed for MATRADE members to measure potential or prospect of exporting products or services. This tool also assists companies to better understand their export resources, marketing methods, management commitment and products’ potential. MATRADE has advised exporters to perform the assessment every two years to measure improvements and identify weaknesses in their export strategy.

The key to a successful export business is make export an essential part of their company’s export strategy. This includes having a dedicated export sales team, 24/7 export business and keeping on track with their export strategy. It is also essential for exporters to conduct market research on current and emerging trends, and start with easier and suitable markets for their products and services. Exporters can utilise the benefits gained from Malaysia’s sixteen FTAs and digital trade tools such as ITC Trade MapITC Export Potential MapGlobal Trade HelpdeskMarket FinderecomConnect and MATRADE myexport.

Besides that, exporters should consider visiting the country they are planning to export their products. Exporters need to contact new affiliations, distributors and agents, and make local partners. Market surveys should also be conducted to look at competitors in the local markets, especially in terms of prices, packaging, promotion and more.

Exporters may facilitate entry into the international market through export promotional activities, such as online or physical business matching, trade exhibitions and e-commerce (, JD,com,,,, etc.). Additionally, having a strong online presence helps to create brand awareness of the exporters’ brand, products and services.

Malaysian exporters who are interested in exporting internationally may reach out to MATRADE for enquiries and assistance. 

For enquiries, please contact:

Ms. Noor Ezzwanee Ahmad
Head of Exporters Advisory Unit

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