Maximise Export Potential with MATRADE Digital Trade Platform (MTDP)

Launched on 28 July 2022, MATRADE Digital Trade Platform (MTDP) is a B2B and B2C trade platform to accelerate small and medium enterprises (SMEs) entry to the international trade scene. MDTP was developed as a cost-effective solution to overcome and address the Covid-19 restrictions and disruptions to businesses and the surge in digitalisation adoption.

MATRADE Digital Trade Platform (MTDP) facilitates trade by reducing trade complexities, fosters business interconnectivity and promotes Malaysia-made products and services to buyers and partners across the globe. MDTP serves as a virtual engagement platform, where Malaysian enterprises and international buyers are able to experience MATRADE services digitally such as B2B business matching, training, business meetings and more.

Through the MATRADE Marketplace on MTDP, Malaysian SMEs are able to showcase their products and services to potential buyers. SMEs will also be able to leverage on the Fusionex Digital Trade Hub to simplify trade procedures, cut costs and ease the cross-border movement of goods. Members who have registered for MDTP will be able to experience benefits such as increased brand awareness and revenue, reduced business costs and man-hours, reducing processing time cycle for export activity and having a ready audience from MATRADE’s affiliate partner channels.

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For enquiries on MDTP, please contact:

MATRADE Digital Trade Platform
T: 019-220 1868

Ms Hasziah Mat Yazid
T: 03-6207 7132

Mr Saifuddin Khalid
T: 03-6207 7139

Fusionex Group (MDTP Support Hotline)
T: 03-7711 5200