MRCA A Good Deed A Week

MRCA “A Good Deed A week” in collaboration with Malaysia Business Group for Raya Charity 2021 Kotak Kebahagiaan boxes giveaways through Women of Will (WOW). Mr Prabu Nagamuthu, Community Development Officer of WOW distributed total of 195 KK boxes which amounted RM19,795 to beneficiaries today at PPR Taman Wahyu with social distancing practice. 

Women of Will (WOW)  is an NGO that serves single mothers all over Malaysia through the implementation of micro-loans. They aims to transform the lives of disadvantaged women in Malaysia, their families and their communities. Through a micro-credit financing model combined with an Entrepreneurial Development Programme, they aim to equip these women with the skills and knowledge to develop and run sustainable businesses. Disadvantaged women are classified as single mothers, widows, abandoned or abused women, and women with incapacitated husbands living in poverty and uncertainty.

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