Myanmar Halal Market

As the global Islamic economy continues to expand, there is a growing demand for halal products and services. Among the reasons for this growth are the large, fast-growing and young Muslim population, Islamic values driving lifestyle practices, growth of ethical consumption and food safety, and digital connectivity. There is also a demand for halal products among non-Muslims, as halal food products are perceived as healthier and more hygienic.

Malaysia has a competitive leading advantage in the halal industry, ranking number one in the Global Islamic Economy Report in 2021. According to the report, Malaysia attained the top spot in four out of six sectors, which includes halal food, Islamic finance, Muslim-friendly travel and media and recreation. The top five export destinations for Malaysian halal food products are China, Singapore, Japan, United States and Indonesia.

As a part of South East Asia, Myanmar has strong trade relations with Malaysia. Malaysia has exported petroleum products, chemical products, LNG, processed foods and palm oil products to Myanmar. Top exports of food and beverages to Myanmar includes edible products and preparations, prepared cereals and flour preparations, cocoa and cocoa preparations, dairy products and others. On that note, edible oil, food and meat products are potential opportunities for Malaysian exporters in the Myanmar market.

Several Malaysian food and beverage brands have established themselves in Myanmar, such as MyBizcuit (MBG member), Hup Seng, Quaker, Munchy’s, Julie’s, Mamee, Mister Potato, Ayam Brand and others. These brands are available in Myanmar retailers and e-commerce platforms. Popular e-commerce platforms in Myanmar are City Mall Online, and Goodzay.

Currently, there is a low awareness of halal food products and services in Myanmar. However, there is a high potential for halal products to penetrate the Myanmar market. MATRADE has advised Malaysian F&B manufacturers exporting to Myanmar to acquire halal certification for competitive advantages.

Malaysian businesses who are interested in exporting to Myanmar can reach out to MATRADE for enquiries and assistance. MATRADE will be able to link Myanmar buyers and partners with Malaysian suppliers, facilitate Malaysian companies to access Myanmar market and assist Malaysian companies to invest in Myanmar for market access.

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