Distribution of Kotak Kebahagiaan 5.0 – MBG CSR Initiative for Ramadhan

In conjunction with Ramadhan, Kotak Kebahagiaan is the Malaysia Business Group’s (MBG) annual CSR initiative to enrich the lives of the B40 group with Malaysian-made products. The intention is to consolidate Malaysian-made F&B products in a box and donate them to underserved families. Kotak Kebahagiaan 5.0 marks the fifth year of Malaysia Business Group’s ongoing […]

Gulfood 2024: MATRADE Pavilion To Strengthen Malaysia’s Global F&B Trade Presence

YBhg. Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican, Chairman of the Malaysia External Trade Development (MATRADE), officiated the Malaysia Pavilion at the Gulfood exhibition. This year, a total of 80 Malaysian companies and five government agencies are participating under MATRADE pavilion in Gulfood. The launch of the Malaysia Pavilion marks Malaysia’s 20th consecutive participation in the exhibition, displaying […]

Insentif Pembangunan Pengeksport Matrade 2024: Apa Yang Perlu Anda Tahu?

A sharing session from MATRADE regarding development programs, initiatives and accompanying trade facilities, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises, and mid-level companies. The objective is to enhance the programs that MATRADE has related to MATRADE programs and trading facilities. Notify the latest information related to the process and guidelines of the MATRADE program and […]

Export Opportunities in ASEAN Region

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an international organisation that aims to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region. There are several nations in the ASEAN region that serve as potential export destinations for Malaysian businesses, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Myanmar and Philippines.   Indonesia is […]

French Market Entry Strategies for Malaysian Exporters

Malaysia is ranked as one of the leading trading countries in the world, ranking 24th in exports and 26th in imports worldwide. Malaysia also ranks among the world’s most open economies, with a trade to GDP ratio that has averaged over 130 percent since 2010. As France is one of the top economies in the world in […]

Export Opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia is Malaysia’s second largest trading partner in Southeast Asia, and has the largest global Muslim population. With a large domestic halal economy, Indonesia offers many opportunities for Malaysian halal F&B companies. Indonesia also shares many market similarities with the Malaysian market, such as similar tastes and preferences, shared borders and multiple trade entry points. […]

MATRADE Digital Trade Platform (MDTP)

MATRADE Digital Trade Platform (MDTP) is an integrated digital platform, designed to support and facilitate small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) entry into the international trade market. MDTP will also boost the nation’s trade competitiveness, address export challenges and enhance MATRADE deliverables to stakeholders. MDTP features the Virtual Engagement Platform, MATRADE Marketplace, Marketplace Aggregator and Smart […]

eTrade Success Story

Through MATRADE’s eTRADE programme, Wemb’s Marketing managed to expand their business into exporting via Alibaba.com.

MATRADE Launches Enhanced eTrade Programme 2.0

MATRADE has launched its enhanced eTRADE export facilitation initiative; eTRADE Programme 2.0, during their virtual eTRADE Consultation Day session. This enhance programme aims to assist Malaysian SMEs to accelerate exports and sustain their global presence. The feature also includes digital marketing activities and e-commerce related training. The initiative offers Malaysian SMEs with two schemes of export […]